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Healing Journal

Healing Journal

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This journal will help you forgive those who have hurt you as well as yourself. It's time to stop storing all of that negative energy and resentment in your mind and let it out once and for all and make peace with it.



  • How your pain and trauma has affected you
  • How you feel about yourself after you experienced pain
  • How much resentment you've been holding on to 



  • The opportunity to vent about the painful experiences in your life
  • 5 letters of forgiveness to write to people you hurt you
  • 1 letter of forgiveness to write to yourself



    • What happened to you?
    • Is there someone you blame for this? Why?
    • Is there anything else you need to get off your chest about this experience?



    If you keep your thoughts and feelings stored up in your mind and never let it out it will always feel like you're carrying a heavy load or walking around with a dark cloud over your head. It's time to vent and let out your frustrations and let all of your resentment toward other people and yourself go.




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